Always Use Your Elemental Advantage

Elemental Properties made not for simple reason as a matter of fact, this is the basis of effective battle not with skill and level alone. Actually all elemental flow has been shared and not a secret anymore, what you need is to understand the concept and breed monsters for all elemental so you can always an edge for different opponents.

Actually this is not really cheats but we care to share because many players still missed the importance of elements and they only base their strength on their monsters’ level and skills. At the beginning you will never find the good strategy that perfect element can cater to you but then on the tough fight later on higher stage and what makes you think to plan a strategy out of elemental advantage is the difficulty in raising levels. You must have millions of foods to train you monster in high level thus this is not really a good idea especially if you don’t have lots of farms to support food spamming.

From here the best thing you can do is to beat high level monsters for high XP bonus. Since as a low level monster you don’t have colorful skill that can hurt your opponent a much. What you will have that you can defend on is your element for critical damage. I know that there is a tip bar that will calculate the damage you can deal with your opponent but that is when you are already fighting. So how to be sure that you have a correct a card before a battle. You ensure your advantage by looking on the chart below and what kind of your monster your next battle will be and now that you already know you can set ahead your monster that deal great damage through elemental property and also remove those monster that is weak for the next battle. As simple as that, so here’s the chart that you can use with:

Element Properties Monster Legends


Monster Legends Should Be Dragon City 2

That is my reaction after playing Monster Legends. Actually there is no doubt on it especially the game was developed by same company, Sitepoint. This is about experimenting through breeding and after getting rare or strong creature you can battle it with your friends or grind to adventure map where you will fight on AI controlled monster as the best way to gather XP, Gold and Food exactly on how Dragon City offers their content.

1003477_157783497743608_1624122659_nYes you can find that feature on old release but definitely there are more and additional content that you can play only at Monster Legends so we can call this as improved game on Facebook. They are good in making a decision to expand their collection not only referring to dragons but not to different sort of creature including demi human, birds, sea animals, insects, dragons and lot more. Every creature corresponds with their element it is either hybrid or pure either of the two class everything has their own advantage and disadvantage on their enemies and this is where to use your own strategy on how you should handle the battle.

Aside from PvE or PvP you should build your own island with harmony of different resources as this is your gameplay will vary. It is from your building to get rare monsters to use in battle. Experimenting is the best way but it requires lots of resources as you will only trash those creature you don’t want. There are lots of things you can do this time as what you wish to see on Dragon City is now here. I believe that all those players who love the old game from Sitepoint will surely Monster Legends too.

And we Monster Legends Cheats are willing to give you guides, updates, news, tips to all players who want to play game casually or seriously. There are lots of things to know about the game and I believe this guide will be a good sort to check if you really want to dominate the game using either fair or cheated way.